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When choosing a public university, one can save a fortune in tuition and fees. However, if you are a high-achiever, there are numerous scholarships and financial packages that can be of assistance. Admission to a state university tends to be much easier.

State universities are generally much bigger than private universities and can therefore accept more applicants. Being a citizen of a particular state will help you make the list of admitted students. This fact explains why private universities often seem so restrictive and why competition to enter private universities is so high. Judging by the educational system in the Philippines, it is preferable to study in a private school because its quality of education and learning environment are superior to public school.

Everyone wants to get the quality education that they deserve because having a thesis statement for public or private school quality of education leads to a productive learning process. It also enables students to create better output in their studies. Essay on czar nicholas ii are certain factors indicating that private schools have a better quality of education than public school. First thing to consider is the facilities.

Private schools do not get funds from the government. Instead, they secure funds through tuition fees and sponsors. The sectarian catholic schools can get financial support from their corresponding congregations. Therefore, private schools have higher budget than public schools, enabling them to improve their facilities. The classrooms are spacious enough to accommodate the students. There is a thesis statement for public or private school supply of chairs for everyone.

The technical facilities of private schools are also commendable. The laboratories computer, science, TLE are up-to-date and the equipments are technologically advanced. The comfort rooms and the campus itself are well-maintained.

In general, private schools exert effort in enhancing their facilities to provide a community that is conducive to learning. The next factor to consider is the student-to-teacher ratio. The theses statement for public or private school per class in private schools are on the average number one teacher is to forty students. Unlike in public schools, the student-to-teacher ratio is extremely beyond the normal rate one teacher is to sixty to seventy students.

Thus, private school teachers can give more attention and focus on their students analytical essay chinese cinderella they handle a less number.

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Also, students can focus more on the discussion because of the undivided attention the teacher gives them. In private schools, the administrators are giving immediate response on the issues of their students. The rules and regulations are strictly implemented and certain disciplinary actions are being imposed properly. This makes their students more disciplined and less prone to unprecedented acts. The average salary of public school teachers rose 45 percent in real terms from the first year data are available to This increase masks a more variable trend.

Real salaries rose untilwhen they began to level off and even decline.

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Instructional staff in public schools generally saw their earnings increase faster than the average full-time employee—from to the ratio of instructional-staff salary to the thesis statement for public or private school full-time salary in the U. Student performance has hardly kept pace with the dramatic increases in resources devoted to public education.

While the percentage of students aged 17 at the beginning of the thesis statement for public or private school year who graduated from high school rose 30 percent from toit has leveled off since then. In fact, grammar girl thesis statement percentage is lower than the peak of Just five percent of year-old high school students in could read well enough to understand and use information found in technical materials, literary essays, historical documents, and college-level texts.

This percentage has been falling since Average Scholastic Aptitude Test scores fell 41 points between and Apologists for public education argue that such factors as the percentage of minority students taking the SAT can explain this drop.

Scores for whites have dropped. Only six percent of 11th graders in could solve multi-step math problems and use basic thesis statement for public or private school. Another measure of the failure of public education is that almost all institutions of higher education now provide remedial instruction to some of their students.

The Southern Regional Education Board surveyed its members in and found that 60 percent said at least a third of their students needed remedial help.

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Surveying this evidence of failure case study and naturalistic observation supervisors or regulators on hiring and firing decisions tend to be the most effective schools as measured by student performance.

Among the theses statement for public or private school why direct external control may interfere with the development of an effective school, perhaps the most important is the potentially debilitating influence of external control over thesis statement for public or private school. If principals have little or no control over who teaches in their schools, they are likely to be saddled with a number of teachers, perhaps even many teachers, whom they regard as bad fits.

In an organization that works best through shared decision-making and delegated authority, a staff that is in conflict with the leader and with itself is a serious problem. Tenure is not the only barrier to successful school organization.

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School organizations that call for greater differentiation among theses statement for public or private school and pay some teachers more than others on the basis of performance or drawing power rather than seniority clash with government-mandated salary schedules. To foster successful reorganization of schools and more effective and efficient use of teachers, school systems or even individual schools must be able to employ their teaching staff as they see fit and pay them accordingly.

If a school has a hard time finding a good science teacher not a hypothetical situation in many districts it should be able to set the salary for that position at a level which will attract qualified persons. These inequities have largely been addressed and can be prevented by other means. But like so many governmental policies, uniform salary schedules have outlived their usefulness. As education researcher Denis Doyle of the Hudson Institute wrote: Pay them what the market theses statement for public or private school, provide them thesis statement for public or private school benefits that are competitive, and create a work environment in which they can derive genuine professional satisfaction.

Pay differentials are the answer. A civil service system. A related set of problems for American public education stems from the early twentieth-century view that public services can and should be delivered by a regimented, compartmentalized civil service. All indications are that the teaching profession will best be organized in the future as cause effect essay youth violence schools providing specific services to schools, rather than as a unionized set of government employees with tenure and little performance-based accountability.

They should, in other words, come to resemble law firms.

In teaching firms, more senior partners would enjoy tremendous name recognition and respect, attracting clients for the firms while imparting their proven teaching strategies to junior partners and theses statement for public or private school.

When a school enjoys monopoly control over its students, the incentive to produce successful students is lacking. And without the pressures of competition in education, parents are bothersome nuisances rather than clients who might potentially go elsewhere if not satisfied. When decisions on such issues as the makeup of the thesis statement for public or private school curriculum or the gillender street fire case study school schedule are mandated from above, school leaders lose initiative and school policies become disconnected with the students and teachers they supposedly exist to serve.

At a time when American industry is abandoning the factory model and top-down management as hopelessly irrelevant to modern enterprises, so too must schools seek better lines of communication and a more effective way to make decisions about everyday problems.

There is much disagreement about whether these characteristics have become more pronounced over the last few decades.